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15 August 2017

HKBU Water Map - where to refill your water bottle on campus?

Build a good habit! BYOB and refill it for free!

8 - 12 May & 24 - 25 May, 2017

Student Residence Halls Check-out Materials Collection 2016-2017

Share your unwanted items with students who need them!

5 May 2017

Say No to Plastic-bottled Water

Do you know how many plastic bottles are being dumped in Hong Kong every day? Is 5.2 million!

3 February 2017

No Straw Movement

Is it a must to use straw for cold drinks? Maybe not! ...

1 April 2017

Tree Planting Day 2017

Come join the tree planting day and coat Tai Mo Shan with different colours of green this summer!