Green incentives

To foster sustainable culture and leverage positive behaviour changes, green incentives are established for awarding and subsidising events with green measures implemented to reduce negative environmental impacts.

1. Green Orientation Pledge

Signing this pledge, your organisation should take every possible effort to minimise adverse environmental impacts and to display and promote environmental sustainability in all your events (not limited to orientation events) by implementing the green actions listed in the form. All successful applicant will be rewarded with a maximum of HK$500.


Green Orientation Pledge

2. LEAD Incentive

The University offers a vibrant and exciting place for research, study and plenty of events. Apart from making your events fun and memorable, have you ever thought of making it GREEN? You are encouraged to plan and organise your events in a sustainable way that shows your care for the environment and your dedication in fostering a low-carbon and sustainable campus.

The Incentive for Student Societies on Leadership in Environmental Achievement and Dedication (LEAD Incentive) established by HKBU Sustainability is a year-round programme to provide subsidy and assist student event organisers to implement green measures and to mobilise behavioural changes in order to lessen environmental impacts.  

A maximum of HK$2,000 can be awarded to successful application. The size of grant awarded is based on the commitment to the Green Orientation Pledge and the degree of fulfilment of Green Event Checklist.  The breakdown of the scheme is shown below:

Maximum grant awarded (HK$)
1. Reward for signing the Green Orientation Pledge 500
2. Fulfilment of the Green Event Checklist 1,500

LEAD Incentive