Apply for Low-carbon Event Funding Scheme

Design and organise your event in an innovative and sustainable way

The University offers a vibrant and exciting place to study and enjoy plenty of activities and events. Apart from making your activities or events fun, have you ever thought of making it GREEN? You are encouraged to design and organise your activities or events in a sustainable way that shows you care for the environment and want to foster low-carbon culture.

The Task Force on Sustainable Campus will grant funding support to student societies based on the creativeness and sustainable elements of ideas, as well as the degree of fulfillment to the funding criteria.

Consider the low-carbon actions recommended here and in the Campus Sustainability Guide, and suggest your own creative ideas now!

Application form of Low-carbon Event Funding Scheme

(For HKBU student societies only)

Green O'Camp

Build a fake camp fire and still have fun
Create recycling receptacles at the campsite to collect recyclables
Encourage waste separation and recycling throughout the camp
Reject sponsored cleansing samples and buy in family packing for sharing

Green activities and events

Hiking and tree planting activities initiated by student societies to promote a green lifestyle and carbon offsetting
Coastal clean-up to collect coastal waste and deliver the message of environmental conservation

Other green actions

Play water games on the beach, avoid fresh water wastage
Produce banners with generic designs for easy reuse
Serve drinks in bulk, avoid single-serving packages
Provide reusable utensils or encourage participants to bring their own