Some colleagues prefer taking their take-away lunch at office while surfing or watching their favorite drama series on the internet. This lunchtime behavior not only creates disposable waste and consumes energy, but also leads to the following negative effects on health:

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Green tips for protecting our environment and maintaining a good health:
Power Off at Lunch Everyday
Turn off all air-conditioners, lights, computers, and electrical appliances in the office before going out for lunch. Based on the count of 22 work days per month, simply turning off the computer and the monitor for an hour at lunch can reduce 200,000kg of carbon emissions annually if around 2,500 HKBU full-time staff participate.
To prevent the trouble of turning on and off the computer before and after lunch, the following energy-saving settings could help:

Standby Mode: Select Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options (or Control Panel > Power Options), set 15 minutes for "Closing Monitor" and "System Standby", then click OK. After your computer has been idle for 15 minutes, the monitor will turn off automatically and the computer will enter the ‘standby’ mode.

2.   'Blank Screen' Protection: Right-click your desktop and then click Properties. Select Screen Saver and set the Screen Saver drop-down box to ‘blank’. Then, in the Wait box, type the number of minutes the computer should wait to start the screen saver after you last touched the keyboard or mouse. Note that except ‘blank screen,’ all other types of screen savers consume electricity.
Enjoy Lunch at Campus Green Area
Colleagues can bring their packed lunches or take-away food using their own containers to the green areas on campus to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with friends.
    Relaxing Activities after Lunch
We encourage colleagues to have lunch in the canteens to minimize the use of disposable utensils. Colleagues can then spend some time in the green areas on campus to listen to music, relax the body and mind, and look at greeneries and far away objects as an eye care exercise.
    Experience Organic Farming
HKBU has two organic farms, located on the rooftops of Sir Run Run Shaw Building (Ho Sin Hang Campus) and the Communication and Visual Arts Building (Baptist University Road Campus), which can be rented by colleagues on a seasonal basis. Engaging in organic farming after lunch is one of the excellent ways for relieving stress from work. (Please note the e-Announcement from the Personnel Office for the application details)
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