Eco jewellery making workshop - Nov 16

Coming soon


Eco tie-dying scarf workshop - Nov 8 & 9

Behind the scene of the blooming colours from our wardrobes, there are tonnes of unseen chemical dyes and sewage from dyeing factories...<Read more>

Eye Relaxation Workshop -May 17

Dry and itchy eyes, eyes sensitive to bright light, blurry vision, and double vision are ‘eye fatigue’ problems that are common nowadays ... <Read more>

Deep Breathing Relaxation workshop - May 24

In today’s modern society, we see people stressing over work, family, relationships or simply daily annoyances which can sometimes lead to sleep problems and mood disorders ... ...<Read more>

Muscle Relaxtion Workshop 10/5

The desk-bound, sedentary work mode of modern office workers and their habit of using smart phones have contributed to numerous sore/stiff neck and shoulder problems... <Read more>

Music Relaxation Workshop 3/5

The first workshop on Music Relaxation was held on 3 May and hosted by Dr David Chung, Associate Professor of the Department of Music at BU. Dr Chung shared... <Read more>



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