Tree Planting Day

15 June, 2019

Tree Planting Day

Did you know forests play an important role in our daily lives? Not only do they provide lumber for production, they are also known as the lungs of the earth, purifying the air and alleviating greenhouse effect. A mature tree is estimated to absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually and an acre of forest could sequester 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually (Bordelon, n.d.). It is estimated that if each family in the America plant a tree in their backyards, they could help reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide by 5 % (Bordelon, n.d.). Trees, therefore play a vital role in mitigating global warming serving as carbon sink.

Studies also show that trees can reduce the need for air-conditioning by up to 30% (Bordelon, n.d.). Trees provide shading to houses, buildings and pedestrian roads and tree crowns reflect heat back into the atmosphere, lowering the ambient temperature and alleviating the urban heat island effect.

Apart from absorbing carbon dioxide, trees can filter out air pollutants. Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is one of the most dangerous air pollutants generated from burning biomass and fossil fuels. It could be inhaled and transported into the lungs causing chronic and acute respiratory diseases and fatality. Studies show planting trees in cities could reduce PM-related mortality by 2.7% - 8.7% (The Nature Conservancy, 2016). Trees also provide many other benefits to us, including aesthetic beauty, erosion prevention, storm water management and also noise reduction. Trees build up a comfortable environment in our society. 

Given all the benefits brought by trees, nothing should stop us from planting trees. Previously, our volunteers from BUGS and LAMP participated in the tree planting activity at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden on a sunny day. With the aim to mitigate global warming, our enthusiastic volunteers planted more than 30 little saplings under the burning sun. Volunteers went home with satisfaction and a sense of success. They believed the small step they took meant a giant leap for our environment and future. Take actions and save the planet together! For more information about the tree planting session, you can refer to website of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.


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