Welcome message by Convenor of Task Force on Sustainable Campus

Hong Kong Baptist University aspires to reduce the campus carbon emissions and to put sustainability into practice. To achieve our aspiration, The Task Force on Sustainable Campus has been established since 2009. Students and staff from both academic departments and administrative offices in the University were invited to join the team to devise and advice on strategies to promote low-carbon campus practices. With the support from the University community in the past few years, our concerted efforts to build a "Sustainable Low Carbon Campus" have reaped a great success.

By raising the environmental awareness of students and staff through various campus-wide activities and community outreaching events, considerable reduction in the consumption of electricity and water were achieved and our carbon emissions have recorded a reduction of over 1,000 tonnes in just three years' time! While significant increase in the use of amenities was expected due to the 3-3-4 academic reform, we have managed to maintain the usage levels of most resources unchanged surely with the support by students and staff.

We are elated to witness how changes are occurring in the University community and we also look forward to unlocking even more behavioural changes in the University members' day to day routine. Let's work together to scale new heights in our sustainable low -carbon campus initiatives!


Dr. Chung Shan Shan
Convenor of Task Force on Sustainable Campus
Senior Lecturer of Department of Biology