Upcycling’s Got Talent Design Competition

10 February, 2020

Upcycling’s Got Talent Design Competition

With a view to educating the wider community on waste minimisation and resources maximisation, we partnered with Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited to organise the Retired Uniform Upcycling Programme to turn retired uniforms into useful travelling accessories in 2019-20.

The “Upcycling’s Got Talent Design Competition”, a key component of the programme, has successfully received over 100 entries engaging secondary school students, university students and the general public, and gained around 700,000 impressions through online promotion channels.

To further benefit people in need and support sustainability development, shortlisted winning products were sent to production by mentally challenged members and women from low-income families in upcycling centres for charity sale in future. Proceeds will be donated to support the environmental initiatives of non-profit organisations.

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