No Air Con Night 2019

5 October, 2019

No Air Con Night 2019

To promote the habit of energy saving, the No Air Con Night promotional booth was set up in September 2019, in order to encourage people to switch off air-conditioners at home in support of the annual city-wide event. Student volunteers explained the issue of climate change and the importance of reducing energy consumption to members of the University.

The “10th No Air Con Night” was held on 5 October 2019. This annual energy saving event aims to promote green practices and encourage people to bear the responsibility as a member of the earth village.

Easing global warming starts with a simple action. Over 90 thousand households have signed up the “No Air Con Night 2019”. With reference to each air con consumes 1kW h, the carbon emission of turning on the air con for 8 hours is approximate to 4.72kg. Referring to the data provided by the electricity generators, the estimated decrease in electricity consumption was 720MW in total which reduced 425 tons of carbon dioxide emission from 7pm, 5 Oct, to 7am on the next day.

With the significant support from 14 Universities and Higher Education Institutes, and 304 Schools (including 56 Secondary Schools, 118 Primary Schools and 130 Kindergartens), thousands of students, staff and parents have the chance to understand the importance in saving energy and the practice of green lifestyles.