Beat the virus, BU & I: Distribution of Hand Sanitiser

29 February, 2020

Beat the virus, BU & I: Distribution of Hand Sanitiser

In order to support the needy communities during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Environmental Health and Safety Section under Estates Office collaborated with the Faculty of Science and the Department of Chemistry to produce 200 litres of hand sanitiser. Lined up by the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, the sanitiser was distributed to the elderly living alone, ex-mentally ill persons as well as low-income families by HKBU student and staff volunteers in February and March 2020.

The batch of hand sanitiser, which contains 75% alcohol, was produced by HKBU’s Department of Chemistry according to the World Health Organisation’s recommended formulation. Assuming that each use of the product consumes 3ml of hand sanitiser, the amount produced by HKBU can be used 72,000 times.

“Our campaign can help replenish the most needed anti-infection supplies for them, and I am so grateful that I can use my chemistry knowledge to help people in need.” Leo Law, a Year 4 student from the Department of Chemistry said.

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