Hong Kong Green Campus Challenge SDG#12 GAMIthon

29 March 2022

Hong Kong Green Campus Challenge SDG#12 GAMIthon

[Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme – GAMIthon]

Mobile game, TV game and board game, which one is your favourite?

Getting bored with just playing and want to create your own game? Here is your chance! Come join us at the first SDG#12 GAMIthon️!

In this GAMIthon, you will not only learn more about SDG#12 Responsible Consumption and Production, but you also will have to chance to design a new game with members from different universities! Join us now to learn, co-create and make changes!


What is SDG#12 GAMIthon?

The “SDG#12 GAMIthon” is one of the events of the 3-year Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme organized by the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC), aiming to promote responsible consumption and production. Using the framework of a hackathon, the core idea is to co-create fun and educational solutions through applying gamification in a sustainability context and bring the solutions into the Hong Kong community and beyond.

Being actively supported by the academia of the tertiary institutions and gaming consultancy in Hong Kong, the participants can gain valuable insights on the key issues on sustainability and gaming framework thus create a gaming product that appropriately delivers the message about doing more and better with less.


Theme of the Program:

To develop a gaming solution to invite the world to adapt responsible consumption and production lifestyle.


You can participate in 4 streams:

1. Food loss

2. Invisible resources - energy and water

3. Production and Consumption

4. Sustainable Campus



The winning teams will receive up to HKD25,000 funding for game development, prize and mentorship.


Application Deadline:

10 April 2022


Apply here https://bit.ly/3vYcezL or scan the QR code on the poster.



For any enquiry, please email to shs@hkbu.edu.hk.