Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling

December 2016

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling

How do you dispose your unwanted electronic equipment at home? Send it to garbage collection station or sell it to scrapman?

From December 2016 onward, we have partnered with ALBA IWS, the WEEE management contractor appointed by the Environmental Protection Department, to set up WEEE recycling points on campus. The two cages for functional and malfunctioned WEEE recycling are readily available at Carpark B at David C. Lam Building.

The functional WEEE will undergo preliminary screening and be donated to local needy while the malfunctioned will be sent to EcoPark for dismantling and extracting secondary raw materials for remanufacture.

Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE) such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, TV, washing machine, computer and other related appliances are the targeted type of WEEE to be recycled. Nonetheless, other small household electrical appliances are also welcome. Please refer to the poster for more details.

Come and give a second life to WEEE!

Enquiry: tfsc@hkbu.edu.hk