Campus Environmental Sustainability Index (CESI)

20 April 2018

Campus Environmental Sustainability Index (CESI)

Campus Environmental Sustainability Index (CESI) is a unique and pioneering assessment tool developed by HKBU to assess the overall institutional sustainability performance by integrating environmental and cultural elements, while most of the existing tools that are readily available do not integrate environmental and cultural indicators in their assessment.


CESI enables us to more effectively:

  • Track on-going sustainable culture and sustainability performance of fixed campus assets
  • Identify innovative opportunities for continuous improvement of existing strategies and to deploy new initiatives in support of our overall campus sustainability strategy

CESI is formed by integrating two Sub-indices:

Sustainable Culture Sub-index:

  • Reflect our cultural performance by measuring “green awareness” achieved by different stakeholders

Sustainable Facilities Sub-index:

  • Measure hardware performance versus industry and government standards

CESI is composed of over 80 indicators under 7 key dimensions:

Carbon, Administration, Academic, Resource, Dining, Waste and Engagement


Since 2016, we have surveyed over 5,000 staff and students to learn more about their daily habits for environment and sustainability on- and off-campus, as well as their opinions about creating a sustainable low-carbon campus. The survey results demonstrate a 6% increase of our cultural performance in environmental sustainability.